summer ball

this summer when i’m playin ball up in canada, i’m gonna be using the tuff cuff manual for training and stuff, but i want to try get leaner and get even stronger…so i’m looking to use some good supplements, i’m plannin on takin n.o. xplode, cellmass, trumass, nitrix, hydroxycut, and a whey protein, anything else i can take…

Save your money. Your dropping your money on alot of CRAP! Get a good quality protein I like Biotest Metabolic Drive. Have a good fish oil supplement. Creatine. A good multi. Spend your money on the supplements that WORK. I have heard that BSN supplement industry have been putting fake stuff in there supplements. There products are definitly over priced. Nitric Oxide stimulators are shit products if you ask me. If you want to increase nitrogen levels eat more protein. Also go with a good post-workout drink. Spend your money on good food as well.

Also its tough to chase two goals. If you want to get leaner get leaner. If you want to get strong get stronger. Its tough to do both. Your sacraficing one or the other when you focus on to many goals. Also if your playing summer ball your already going to be doing alot of work. I would focus on improving your fat loss its easier to do when your playing in my opinon. Your performance might sacrific though because you have to be on less calories to lose fat. Also focus on maintining your strength or slightly improving. I would do a strength phase when the winter time comes. That way you will get alot of time to focus on lifting with less on throwing. It gets to be alot of baseball with fall ball then spring and summer. So winter time or right after fall ball is definitly your time to just go all out strength phase. Especially in Iowa you get adequate time to lift in the winter after fall ball is over. You should get atleast from end of October to first of Feburary or later. Atleast thats the time I had to focus on improving strength when I played in Iowa.

Wow that was a long post.

—NO Xplode and Cellmass suck, dont waste your money. They’re more aimed at vanity than anything else.
—Truemass is a protein supplement, but it is a GAINER. So unless your trying to put on lots of weight, dont bother. Rather, just stick with the protein.
—Nitrix…i wasted my money on it, didnt do $h!t. Don’t bother. If you really want something like that, just get some L-Arginine at your local supplement store.
—Hydroxycut does not do a thing, not anymore anyway. Without Ephedra, they are useless, you would get the same results from caffeine pills (not a suggestion). The only weight loss/ fat burners that work are either Extremely Expensive and very “hardcore” or they are illegal.

—Just stick with your basic Whey protein (i suggest Optimum Nutrition) and possibly just regular creatine if you really feel the need (in this case i suggest “PURPLE K”)

do not take any of that, other than maybe hydroxycut, and if you take hydroxycut buy some ephedrine too. Where are you playing in canada man?