Summer ball- Legion? Tivnan? Senior Ruth?

I currently play JV baseball in central massachusetts. I have no idea where to go about playing summer ball. Im essentially only a pitcher with a weak bat so im not too sure how many coaches are in the market for anyone who not really a five tool player. I certainly think I have the ability to be a solid varsity pitcher next year being my junior year, but this year of summer ball will be huge in my development to this level. If anyone has any idea about the central mass summer baseball scene or just any one with an opinion or some insight on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

coaches love pitch only guys. they don’t have to worry about working them into playing time.

Ive never really looked at it that way. I suppose you do make a good point though, particularly in leagues that allow a dh.

I’m playing Legion right now. Yes right now!

No H.S. Baseball in Wyoming.

But anyways just play legion, it’s fun and you get to play a lot. At least in Wyoming anyways.

I play legion. It’s part of the high school so thats the best option in my opinion. But i dont know if its part of the hs there too?

I played Legion in upstate NY and in Illinois. Was really the only option, but one of the best summer ball experiences I had. If you have the opportunity to play legion ball, I’d opt for it first.

I PM’d you with names and phone number(s) of a coach and
organizations that might be of help to you.

I wish you the best with your summer baseball experience.

Coach B.

Legion is through the Rec. Center up here. Baseball isn’t sponsored as a high school sport in Wyoming.

Not at my school. :ughh: :sosorry:
They want kids who are able to hit in cages (Our team is terrible, and no one gets hits during games). And you have to be pretty decent at fielding. If your school is like mine jboosh, then I would work on hitting a little bit more. Maybe some BP, or hit the cages every so often, and during your summer league try to really focus on the pitch and try to just drive it somewhere. Don’t worry how far it goes cause sometimes all you need is a base hit to start something. (My dad always said a homerun can kill a rally, so don’t worry about distance or anything like that) If your batting’s weaker than where you want it to be, you could even try and get a hitting coach.

P.S Don’t work into hitting too much so that your pitching starts suffer.