Summer '08 (i am pedro martinez)

my first two games this year sukt. 4 runs in 8 innings, but too many walks, and 7 hit batters, yes 7 hbp.

going into my third game yesterday, i decided to scrap all the mechanical experimentation i’d been playing around with… all kinds of new ways to lift my hands, open my legs… all kinds of subtle b.s. that i hoped would add mph … and i decided to go back to the way i always pitched… which is essentially to try and do everything the way pedro martinez does it … down to the body language between pitches and everything … when i tell myself “i am pedro martinez” the results are better…pretty funny, but it’s a tired and true theory

so anyway … into this third game, i needed to really right myself before losing the confidence of my teammates … (we play double headers on the weekend) … usually i start game one, but b/c of my erratic-ness, i was relegated to coming in 2nd, which means i would likely come out out the pen in game one and then start game 2 with whatever i had left…

…long story short, i got my old pedro posturing back and pitched 2 scorless innings in game one… stopped the bleeding so our bats could come back for a bottom of the ninth walk-off win … and then i went 5 innings game 2 with zero earned runs

…just pounded the bottom of the strike zone with 2 seamers all day and mixed in changeups … my curve - i scrapped – it’ horrendous…but that’s a whole other post

I’ve officially ditched the curve and broke out my cutter/slider last night as a replacement… what great results… i’m much more comfortable with the slider than the curve…

I get a huge lateral break on it that eats up lefties… and if i get more on top it gets buried in the dirt and righties swing over it… very happy with the results.

my change was awesome last night too.