Suitable drills to incorporate core strength

hello all,

i am new to the forum and i just had a quick question. i am a 6’4" 200 lb college pitcher. i throw between 80-82 MPH at a small D3 school practically using all arm. i have been getting stronger core wise and i feel that with my size and gain in strength i can really put my body into pitching more. are there any known drills to help put my legs into it. by all standards i have fairly strong mechanics pertaining to upper body and even my leg kick i do not open up or close myself off too much.

i don’t know how much these will help but there are 3 pictures of my throwing off the book of face while i was pitching. thanks for reading!

Set Position:


Mid-Pitch 2 (On a curve I think):

hey the only thing i can really think of is draw a line in the dirt starting from the middle of your back foot all the way down the mound and try and land on that same line with your front foot, this shud ensure that you dont forget about using your lower half and possibly result in more power