Suggestions for your video's

Suggestions for your video’s

There seems to be a common trait with most videos submitted
here of you, your son, and/or any youngster that asks for advice
with respect to your form, mechanics, posture … whatever.

And that common trait seems to be…
“let us see just how hard you can throw!”

Now I know video shot during game time and other such events
will include… as it must…. a lot of umph… behind it…

But as a suggestion, if you could slow your delivery motion down
just a bit, like when your in your back yard, at the park, tossing a
few at grandpa’s and such, and really concentrate on doing your
best… to show us your best… then I’m pretty sure your going to
give all concerned a little clearer picture of how and why we can
advise you.

And when you do, please say so in the video and/or in your post.
Say something like…” this is my form for review purposes”, or
something along those lines.

Coach B.