Suggestions for a REAL winter pitching clinic in New England area?


My son is a 2018 rising senior and already committed to play in college.

He shut his arm down mid-September for some solid rest (He played fall ball but did not pitch).
He has been in the gym while he rested his arm.
He has a plan for the winter. 4 or 5 flat ground sessions later in December to reactivate his arm.
After the first of the year he

  • starts back up with his pitching coach once per week.
  • captains practice in the field house with his varsity team one once per week.
  • hitting with the team twice per week.

I thought it might be fun for him to attend a real pitching clinic where he can relax and work on his craft, as opposed to a showcase or prospect camp.

Anyone know of any opportunities like that?


New England is a pretty big place. Do you want something within 10 miles, 20, 30, or are you/him willing to spend overnights. Also, from what I gathered, like any business these things either specialize or are generic in nature. There are age considerations also and in that regard, some of these places will pool players in age ranges, while other limit the size and age pooling. If you’re looking for one-on-one, whoever your son has played for now is a good place to start with your fact-finding. Recommendations from that source usually comes with a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Also, since your son has “committed” to play college ball I assume that “commitment” means that he’s going no where else - so, if this college is within driving distance, ask the pitching coach of this college for suggestions.

Your son’s temperament, attention span and personality has a lot to do with the choice(s) made. So, on Google or some other search engine, enter your state’s name and follow that with Pitching Clinics, or Pitching Coaches, etc., and scroll down your choices.

Just be mindful of those coaches/staff that try to reinvent your son and take him totally 180 degrees from what he’s doing now. I say this because it sounds to me, from prior comments that you’ve made, that your boy is looking for enhancement, not a basic’s course. In that regard, it takes a qualified professional to know this.