Suddenly wild

I’m 18 yrs old and have been pitching since 9 yrs old with great control on fastball, curveball, and changeup. I averaged 4 to 1 k to bb my senior yr. I’m now starting college, but over this summer I strained my bicept muscle pretty bad after 3 weeks of not throwing before summer ball. Did physical therapy for 3 to 4 weeks and now my arm feels great. Now my control is completely gone and probably considered wild. Even my warmup throws are very wild. The ball is coming out of my hand very different now, sometimes with screwball type spin. my worst throws are very high and to the 3b side of the plate, or very low and outside to rh batters. Also played ss or 2b when not pitching, so accuracy has been my strong suit. Most coaches have said I had pretty good mechanics with my arm slot 3/4 or maybe a little more, but not overhand. It’s been about 5 weeks now and I seem to be getting worse. Coaches can’t seem to figure it out for me. Need advice bad from anybody familar with this type situation.

Where is your arm slot now, since you mentioned arm slot?

Obviously, just a guess, but it sounds like you are opening early and your arm is dragging to go high and in or you if you keep your arm up with your body then you end up low and outside. You might want to try working on staying closed a bit more.

Once again just guessing.

The drill I always have pitchers do regardless is to throw pitches to a target a foot outside, then to a foot inside, then to the outside corner, then to the inside corner as part of a bullpen. By throwing to the targets well inside and outside it gives your body a feel for what it needs to do to adjust your release.

I agree with CADad. Opening up early usually results in pitches that are up and in or, if you over-correct, low and away (RHP to RHB).

Post up some video of you pitching so we can assess your mechanics.