Sudden velocity loss

Today I threw a 50-pitch bullpen with a radar gun on. I felt well and it felt like I was throwing my normal speed but the radar gun did not agree. Normally, I am in the 81-83 mphs range but today I topped at 75 mphs. This is really concerning me because my arm feels very strong right now. Two weeks ago I was in Florida for Spring break and my fastball was at 83-85 and I never really felt 100% while I was in Florida. Now I’m back indoors in Toronto and have basically been throwing a bullpen every Tuesday and Thursday and have been throwing on the side on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Am I throwing too much? What do you guys think?

If you could give us more of a detailed explanation of when you were last clocked. From what I understand you were fine in Florida and you are normally in the 81-83 range. It could possibly be dead arm but I’m not quite sure.

I was clocked at 83-85 two weeks ago outside in Florida. Last year clocked at 81-83 at an indoor facility. Today I was clocked at 75 tops in the same indoor facility. Before Florida, I threw about one bullpen every two weeks and now I am throwing two a week. The pitcher I normally workout with also didn’t have a great day with his velocity but he was throwing 82-84 compared to 85-87, so I think the speed was accurate. I’m guessing that I’m throwing too much but not completely sure.

Yes it could also be that your body isn’t used to it. Maby try to take it easier. If you said you feel fine I’m not sure why the loss. Best guess would be to give it a break and try again thursday and see how you do. If it’s still low post it here and I’m sure someone can help you. I wouldn’t let it get to your head.

Did your catcher or anyone else think you seemed slower?

well the other pitcher i work out with said that he was puzzled with the gun because it looked like i was throwing pretty hard so i don’t know what to think. I plan on throwing light tomorrow, doing long toss on thursday and if i feel good i’ll probably throw a bully on sunday.

I would say keep working and don’t worry about one reading on a gun.
So many different factors could be in play here. If you feel strong, are in no pain and are throwing effortlessly…heck the gun could have been messed up, oriented incorrectl. Did you get any feedback from the person using the gun?
The only way I would get concerned is if it starts to be a regular occurance.

My opinion only:Because your arm feels healthy and you report no pain; I would disregard the radar gun reading and consider it as an inconsistent reading based on your previous knowledge of your usual velocity. I think that the radar gun is used much too often anyway.

Remember that the reading on the gun can vary depending on the make; the setup (by this I mean the angle that the operator is standing at - and the reading will always be less as the angle increases rather than being directly in line with the flight of the ball); and the care and maintenance of the unit.

I used traffic radar for 12 + years. These had to carry a certificate of accuracy and be tested every 60 days to ensure that the speed was correct. I’d be willing to bet that some of the radars being used out there aren’t as accurate as one would think or hope.

Had you not been told the radar reading…you’d be pretty satisfied with your current arm condition…right?

It felt like a normally bullpen which is the reason I was so shocked with the reading. I think I am going to take it a little easier on my arm because I do realize that I am basically throwing twice as often as I did before spring training. It sounds to me that I was trying to fix my throwing patterns when my throwing pattern before was doing just fine for me. I am going to keep working hard and hopefully it will be better by the start of school baseball.

Some days thats just how it goes, some of the days I’ll be throwing the hardest my arm will feel terrible compared to other days when it feels great and all I have is puss.

I think you are worrying for no reason.

I completely agree with Dino. I’d be willing to bet that the radar gun was the issue and it was being used at an angle which resulted in a 3-5 mph downgrade in actual velocity.

Especially given what the other pitcher said and how you both felt strong.

Now the fact you were around say 78-80 could simply be you need a couple days rest or so, but I’d venture to say you weren’t at 75 mph

check the calibration on the gun. if it’s a jugs gun you can send it in and they’ll calibrate it for you. i found out my gun is consistently 2 mph slower than one that was just calibrated.

Are you throwing your bullpens inside, I didnt catch if you did or not. I know that when I was throwing outside compared to inside my velocity was about 5-7 miles diffrent dont know why it just was. Maybe that could be a factor, but I really wouldnt worry about it.

yes, aside from the innings i pitched in Florida, everything bullpen i have thrown was indoors, gotta love Canadian weather…