Sudden Loss of Control

Hey guys, i have been having good control of my pitches, until the last two games. I was just wondering if you see any problems with my mechanics, and how to make them better. Walked eight in my last outing.

When I have control problems - it usually revolves around my front side flying open or me pulling my arm across my body. Looking at your video I would probably suggest trying to firm up your front (glove) side. I noticed how your glove side arm straigthens then collaspes to the side of your body. Try to control the glove side more. My pitching coach calls this bracing up - he wants the glove side elbow pointing at the catcher’s mitt for as long as possible. Tom House uses a different cue - in that he wants the pitcher to bring his chest to his glove - either way keeping the front side firm will keep the throwing arm moving towards the target for a longer period of time.

ok, i missed high and outside a lot. probably from opening up too early, like you said. Anything else?

do you mind to tell us how do you swing your arm?? :o

What do you mean how i swing my arm? I just throw however it feels natural.

your breaking your hands up by your chest. when your leg comes down from the lift your hands should lower to your belt and then continue into arm swing.

It’s very hard to tell from this angle, maybe try getting a shot from the sides? I THINK you may be missing high because your elbow is out infront of your hand when you release. Some people do this whenever they have pain, it feels better to do that, when it’s really hurting you more in the long run. Like I said, try geting a video from the side. If you can’t try and have someone examine you to tell you if your elbow is out in front. Also, try and keep your elbow level to your shoulder, then follow through.

If my elbow is out in front of my arm how do you stop yourself from doing that? I’ll try to get a side video so i can see for sure.