Sudden lose of velocity

For some reason I just can’t throw like I did in July. My past games my mechanics haven’t been different from when I was in A-shape this summer. I’d say I’m throwing 5-7 mph slower then I did a month ago.

Any thoughts?

btw go yankees :slight_smile:

Maybe you need a break, allow your body to totally heal from the rigors of the season. Maybe you throw better when it’s warmer? Maybe there is a difference in the mechanics that you don’t see or feel. How is your cardio, get in the weight room during the break.

I haven’t been working out the last couple of months. Is it possible my body is just tired?

note that I am very slim at 136 pounds at 6’1

Maybe? Do you get tired quicker now than the beginning of summer? Do you need more sleep, or feel like you do? How about your diet…has that changed?

Steven just posted his thoughts on rest in this thread…you might want to watch it and offer your situation up there, maybe he will give you his take on it.

It really sounds like your body is telling you that you need to rest. If you pitched alot this summer, you could simply be at the end of a long season and again need to recover.

Take a look at your diet and sleep habits. Alter your daily routine geared to recovery. Get back to the gym and don’t forget good cardio work.

Good luck to you.

I agree. What you’re experiencing may be just plain fatigue, and it would be a good idea to shut it down for a while, get more rest. As for your diet—at 6’1" and 135 pounds you are definitely a skinnymarink who needs to put on some weight You should be at 170 pounds at least. think about it. And talk to Steve, he probably has some ideas. 8)

“Skinnymarink” is really good, but to be honest, I would have thought “Skinny Minnie” would have been something you would say. :wink:

you need to eat!!! 170 lbs is a bare MINIMUM. I’d like to see someone at your height be at least 190 and relatively lean! Get to work and you velo with skyrocket

I mean, I’m 14 and a Sophomore and I sit at low 80’s. I don’t see how im gonna put on 60 pounds. Maybe this is just my body type?

I hear McDonalds sells burgers.

Im guessing I should be getting a whollllllllllle bunch of calories and work out.

Anyone wanna PM me a good workout program for my goal?

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