Sudden boost

just resently i had a sudden boost in velocity. Within three weeks i went from throwing 65mph to 77mph. What could have caused this sudden boost? i didnt do anything different(well it didnt feel like i did)

How are you measuring this? What have you been doing (anything different, working with a coach, etc)?

Personally I would suspect that either the first set of numbers were incorrect on the low side, or the more recent ones on the high side…or both. 12 mph in a few weeks is pretty unusual…even unlikely.

I was doing a longtoss every second day, and i was a custard arm and then i went to being one of the hardest throwers in the league in a few weeks. Im just wondering if the could be and reason so i could try it again.
My coach brought down a gun to find out we the team was throwing at, told us to do long toss at trainings and it jumped. I was the only one to have such a boost, some of the other boys got 3-4mph increase.

Atm im throwing a long toss every second day and im going back to about 220. My arm speed is staying the same…(i think, i cant tell if its gone up).

Booma: you answered it yourself. You seem to be working hard – and the results are showing. Keep up the good work. I tend to agree with Dick Mills’s philosophy that most high school kids can simply gain velocity just by hitting a growth spurt or filling out, which happens naturally as you mature. I suspect that this, coupled with your work ethic, is why you’re throwing harder.