Success in College

I am going to play college baseball next year and I know the transition will not be an easy one. I have had very much success at the high school and travel level, but I know the difficulty level in college will go way up.

I’m asking any who have made this transition what helped them to have success? On the field or off the field.

Thank you

My son was a college pitcher. This is what I told him and this is what allowed me to have great success in my own career.

Don’t primarily think of success as a thing to accomplish. Success is not something you should see as a goal. Success is not something you get pleasure out of because you have defined it and then achieved it. Let others define your success and you will get validated by them. That is how it should work.

Now how does it happen? It is really a result or a byproduct of a more important value or characteristic of your personality. Discipline. You will compete against other guys with equal or more talent than yourself. You will be able to easily evaluate this and know where you are in the pecking order. But many of them will never be successful because they hate discipline. If you embrace discipline - self-denial, patience, striving for perfection…you will wake up some day and realize you’ve had a successful college career.

If, like many, you come to hate discipline…it will be because you have not accepted it as a gift. And you will have surrendered an opportunity to develop a humble honest heart that will serve you well after your college experience.

The key to your success is in your heart and in your mind.

Good Luck.

Thank you, Dino. I’ll remember that.

Where are you going to play at?

A JUCO in Florida

Just set short-term goals for yourself such as improving control, velocity, or the amount of break on a certain pitch. But, I agree with the others as well.