yeh i just started taking creatine how many glasses of water should i drink after i take it

It doesnt matter how much you take right after it, its how much you take throughout the day, I take down about 120 fluid ounces with mine

What is your purpose in taking a creatine supplement? How old are you?

Creatine supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and have been found to be detrimental to health and performance in some people. Also, the long-term effects have not been determined.

Unless you are a body builder, I’m not sure the minimal gains are worth the risk and uncertainty.

Better — and cheaper — to follow a good diet.

If you are under 18, just be patient and let your body develop without supplements. Eventually your body will naturally catch up with your desire to gain muscle mass (if that’s your goal).

There is an unbiased, and educated analysis of creatine and athletes here: