Submarine/sidearm pitching


I am a 16 year old right handed submarine pitcher with good movement, I picked it up at the beginning of this season and have thrown much more in games than I would have. I currently throw consistently about 66 fastball with a tail, a change up, and a curve with a max of about 71 so far but gaining velocity. I ended the season with about 20 innings pitched on JV with a 0.0 ERA and averaged about a strikeout an inning, I probably pitched the most on the team. I bloomed late and will probably grow about 4 more inches and gain some weight, I am very thin. Do I have a chance at pitching at a college level? How hard do I have to throw to be at a college level if I can hit my spots with any pitch and I have great movement any direction?


YES, YES , YES!!! You are actually the type of Pitcher we in the College ranks look for. We or at-least I, love having at-least one Pitcher that throws Side arm or Submarine. If we don’t we usually take a Pitcher in our Program that has trouble throwing strikes and drop him down to be a Side armed or Submariner. You will be a great asset for any College Program out of the Bullpen. It’s not about velocity with Submarine Pitchers, it’s all about movement on the ball. Are you able to get as much sink as you can in your FB and still throw strikes or threaten the strike zone enough that you get a lot of Swings and Misses. How much break can you get on your CB, are you able to throw it for strikes or threaten the strike zone enough to get Swings and Misses. If you have a CH and can threaten the strike zone with it, that’s a BIG PLUS. I am currently Recruiting a 2019 Pitcher I’ve been around since he was 12/13 years old, back then we talked about him throwing from the side. He’s now able to control his pitches and command the strike zone. So to your question YES you will be able to Pitch at the next level and velocity isn’t really a big concern for a Sidearmer or Submarine specialist like yourself. Good luck in the future, I would be happy to answer any more questions you may have. Please keep me updated on how things are going.


My fastball breaks down about 4 inches so I throw it low but all my umpires this year have called where the ball ends not where it crosses the plate so if I throw it low they don’t call it a strike unless I throw it high and then the hitters hit it well. But my curve has a lot of break, it often goes at the batter and then ends outside, it hasn’t been hit well yet this year, and I have located it well. But I haven’t been able to get a called strike on my change up so I have to throw it higher as well but I get a lot of ground balls with it. But my umpires have been terrible this year, I closed the last 2 innings of a game and threw to 7 batters without getting a called strike but didn’t give up any runs or hits, just a walk because the guy didn’t swing, but other than that this year has been good