Submarine Pitching

Hi, I’m new here, my name is Robbie, I’m 15 and in the 10th grade, I live in Florida, and my dream is to pitch in the major leagues, but first I gotta make the high school team. I came across this site about 3 days ago, and thought “hey maybe i can get some help here!” So heres my problem, I don’t have sound mechanics and I dont have a very good fastball. Ive been practicing seen the summer of 2004, and Ive been just so inconsistent with my mechanics, for example, I’d throw very good one day, then my mechanics would change completely without me changing them myself. But one day I discovered submarine pitching, I was very comfortable, I was throwing pretty accurate, and it was fun.

But then once again I was changing some stuff, this time I was trying to throw harder, and then I just quit submarine pitching then went back to overhand. Then I was consistently throwing strikes, but then I got very uncomfortable, then lost my rythm. So tomorrow, I’m gonna give submarine pitching one more shot, and I’m gonna practice hard at it because I think my high school coach would be impressed if I generated some nice movements on my pitches. So heres my question to steve and everyone else, do you have any tips on submarine pitching and do you know how I can learn to throw strikes consistently?

welcome, as for pitching submarine, i don’t know much about it. but there is a thread labeled “Side arms” and Steve states that you shouldn’t pitch sumbarine. anyway, you should check that out if you’re wondering. As for throwing consistent strikes and tips on submarine (if you decide you want to continue it) Steve can help you out on that one.

actually i might not continue with submarine, so got any tips for just learning to get the ball over the plate?

Just dry running through your mechanics to get them down to an exact science. Steve has some great tips on his website or if you would want to PM me I would be more than welcome to help you with some drills. Towel Drill and shortening up your catcher to about 55ft to hit spots at about 75% would be great drills to start off with.


I’ve heard that pitching submarine rarely works, and to get it to work you must have perfect mechanics, otherwise I do believe that your arm will simply wear out. It isn’t a natural postion.

What’s “natural” about an overhead throwing motion? It’s a very stressful activity. My observation of video on the submarine motion is that it is very similar with respect to the arm but it would be more difficult to get the hips contributing.

throwing overhand definetly isn’t a natural position either

submarine pitching is actually natural. when you walk, you don’t walk with your hands over our head. you keep them at your sides. also, submarine pitchers never really have sore arms. it is mostly in the lower back.

Submarine puts the same stress as overhand or any other arm slot. The only difference is shoulder tilt. More often than not, you may encounter back problems if you are not properly using your hips to power the throw, a la Chad Bradford, who I consider a “true” submariner, not a “low sidearmer” like Moylan, Smith, Meredith, Kim, Neshek, etc.

What you see here:

puts the same stress as what you see here:

I’ve seen chad bradford pitch a few times. His hand comes inches from the mound. In fact, I saw him hit the mound :o

Anyway, consistent throwing comes with analysis of where you are, and throwing on a regular basis.

I know this is gonna sound stupid. You would think submarine has less stress on you arm because of 2 things. 1)You don’t throw as hard. 2) Gravity helps you pull your arm toward the ground kind of like when your on a swing. You go up and gravity swings you back down. Corret me if I’m wrong (I probably am) xv.

Speaking of drills, you might want to try this one—it’s something I used to do when I was a little snip. I would get a good catcher, and we would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate 60’6’'apart—or, if we had access to a playing field, I would work from the mound—and we would play a little game we called “ball and strike”. The purpose of this drill—actually, it was more than a drill, it was a terrific workout—was to sharpen up my control, and to this end the catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, wherever, and I would try to get my pitches smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt. What a satisfying feeling it was to hear that resounding “thwack” as the ball hit the pocket. I wasn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I did have a few breaking pitches and could change up on them, and we would go at it for an hour at a time.
Even after I acquired my full arsenal of “snake jazz” I continued to do this workout, and it paid off handsomely. And I just want to mention here that I was a natural sidearmer with a consistent release point and I never had any arm or shoulder—or back—problems with it. :slight_smile: 8)

Submarine is actually LESS harmful to your arm if u lower your chest as you lower your arm angle… so if your chest is straight up when u are throwing for a 1-2 o’clock position with ur arm (over the top) then your chest should be near parallel to the ground for submarine… I also will say this, you should be lifting weights, running, and just working out like crazy… some say pitchers shouldn’t lift. HORSE CRAP. pitchers are athletes… become faster and stronger gives you more control of your body, which will give you better control of your mechanics and rhythm… Long toss and surgical band work will increase velocity… keep in mind muscles like biceps and chest hinder your ability to throw hard… they are “sexy” muscles but they are not a pitcher’s muscles… If you lift properly, do bands and long toss, and allow yourself to grow into your body you will be successful… keep in mind too, you are about to sprout up… focusing too much on mechanics is a MISTAKE because they will become awkward as soon as your grow… I’m a high school pitcher, a junior age 16, who went from throwing 71-73 over the top my freshman year to throwing 81-83 my junior year while not growing a single inch. I have lifted weights and long tossed which has allowed me to tack on 20 pounds going from 5’ 9" 125 to 145… There is no single right way to pitch… you wanna know whats amazing about Tim Lincecum? He understands himself, and what it requires for a guy with his build to be successful… figure out what works for you… as long as your arm isnt hurting because of your mechanics, thats what your body likes… roll with it… not saying dont tweek… but avoid big changes