Submarine Pitching In demand? Or just a gimmick?

I’m 21 years old and I plan on trying out for my Junior College’s baseball team in Tampa. I attend Hillsborough Community College. I pitch submarine style, with low velocity but a lot of movement. I’ve seen posts of what college coaches are looking for, but not for low velocity or “control” pitchers. Any idea if a submarine style “specialty” type relief pitcher is something a junior college coach would be intrigued by? Just as a reference, my delivery is much like a Chad Bradford, or Watanabe Syunsuke (obviously japanese ball.) In other words, delivery is extremely low.

No, it’s not a gimmick. There have been a number of major-league pitchers who have used that delivery, and successfully too—for example, Kent Tekulve was one of the great submariners. If memory serves me, he was a closer. And now there are guys like Chad Bradford. The biggest advantage a submariner has is that he can keep the ball down in the strike zone.
Now, if college coaches are looking for a starter, and a fireballer at that, you might be out of luck, unless you can elevate that arm slot and throw sidearm. You need to talk to some of those guys and find out exactly what they have in mind. 8)

Thanks, I’ll talk to the pitching coach about what he would be looking for. I definitely wouldn’t start, I have the stamina, but my “stuff” wouldn’t be deceptive enough for more than about 3 innings.

Thanks for the info on Kent Tekulve… Interesting that I submarine and my last name is Kent… also my build is quite a bit like his…
a little hokey I know… but that’s just an example of the typical baseball supersticious disposition I have.

No…not superstition. Just observation. You have a similar build to Kent Tekulve, and you throw similarly, and you probably can be every bit as effective as he was when he played. He was a fine pitcher. 8)