Submarine pitchers

What ways do you throw your off spead? I have a good change up but my slider is iffy. Trying to find another slider or if anyone throws anything else from down low.

Well I’m not a submarine pitcher, but I was watching a Coastal Carolina game a while ago, where there was a great submarine pitcher. He had breaking balls in every direction possible for submarine (up, down, in, out). But the pitch that always fooled everybody was an overhand curveball. It might not be for you, but try it out and see if you like it.

So jealous you got to see Coastal Carolina play. They are one of the premier D-I schools that no one knows about. They have a hell of a squad!

Well my change up drops pretty good and my fastball runs down and in hard, and my slider has been getting better this fall I just wish i would get some more down angle movement then go straight across but its been breaking sharper as of late. I throw an over the top fastball to leftys a lot, its 85/86 and normally surprises them pretty good and I actually have an above average curveball from up there but i dont like throwing it to leftys and never come up against rightys (why do it when they cant hit my stuff from down low ya know). Im really just looking for a fourth pitch from down low. I actually talked to a softball pitcher to find out how they throw a riseball and mine has the right spin I just cant get it to have enough spin to move but thats what I expected. Kyle you play ball still? Im from the seattle area to.