Submarine Pitcher Looking for a 3rd Pitch

My son’s ('07 high school graduate) had great success recently throwing 100% submarine.
He’s thrown roughly 26 innings since beginning of July without giving up an earned run - at places such as East Cobb,GA WWB tournament.

He throws fastball (80MPH), and slider (67MPH - which he calls his “frisbie” because it breaks so dramatically right to left).

He’d like to develop one more pitch to use against left handed batters.

Any suggestions or experiences that can be shared? :smiley:

Matt McGrath

A sliders a good pitch for a submariner but maybe he should add a change up

If i were him i’d develope a sinker. You know how easy it is to get a downward rotation from the submarine style?tell him to focus on puting at much downward spin on the ball as possible. he can do this by as the ball is rolling of his fingers he can snap upward accelerating the downward spin.

How does he throw his frisbee?

I am guessing that his fastball moves down and away from a lefty coming from that slot so I would suggest trying a change up which would have that same action down and away but obviously slower. It’s an easy enough pitch to learn.

Hello matt,
how does your son through the slider and curveball submarine style? i am looking for info on this and i can not find anything.

Maybe if he can throw a “vulcan change” from submarine it might give it the impression of a sinker, but not put that type of stress on the arm. I still believe that fastball/change is the best 1-2 combo in baseball.

I think developing a change would be a fantastic 3rd pitch for him.

how would a submarine sinker put alot of stress on the arm> your basically just letting the ball roll off the fingers. that alone gives it downward spin towards the plate and it sinks.

He should learn to throw some type of change-up — changing speeds is the secondmost important aspect of pitching (after control).

The easiest to learn, from that angle, might be a pitchfork. Basically, he’ll hold the ball between his index and ring fingers, with the middle finger riding along the top (or I guess bottom?) of the ball. He should play with the grip, trying to hold the ball deeper / closer to the palm.

If he’s successful in taking off a few MPH off the pitch, it should also naturally “die” a bit at the end, causing the ball to sink. That can be accentuated by aiming for a low target — i.e., the top of the catcher’s foot.

He is now seeing the good and bad of pitching submarine. His curve or slider is going to break flat or rise if he throws hard enough (at 67 he doesn’t). His fastball (for some of the guys who commented already) is a NATURAL sinker. He is probably getting overside spin 11-5 or 10 -4, so his fastball will run down & away from lefties and into righties.

For lefties, I would suggest a circle change which should have the same motion as his fastball only slower speed.

Some questions, proviso’s, and comments.

Does he chart his pitches? Hopefully he does or should start. He needs to keep a good log of how effective his frisbee curve is.
He will want to be very careful with where he throws this pitch. Front dooring this curve is great until you get a good pull hitter who deposites it over the fence.

It is a great temptation to try to back door a fastball (how weird to think of it this way-ah submariners…) but this is also a homerun pitch, many times you leave it over the middle of the plate about crotch high. If you are going to try to do this I would suggest using the change up instead.

Keep the frisbee curve/slider away, away ,away especially to 3,4,5 hitters or anyone the catcher judges to be a pull hitter. To lefties,
you might consider jamming with a “frisbee” up and in, but I would be very careful. I would definately miss inside with this pitch!

Above all play to your strengths which are getting ground ball outs. I think for a submariner you also want to avoid going deep in the count to any hitter.Good advice for any pitcher, doubly so for a submariner who will have less pitches.

Wild idea, you might write to Gene Garber the old braves relief pitcher. He had a viscious change up, he might at least give some idea of how he threw it. Also, you might talk to a softball pitching coach since they deal eveyday with people of the… uhm… submarine persaussion, LOL.Ian.