Submarine pitcher in need of advice on change up

I am having quite a bit of difficulty spotting my submarine change-up. Any tips or advice?

Try out a split-finger fastball as your change-up.

it used to be a regular pitch for me, but I still have the same problem with that.

That’s the problem with the submarine delivery—it kind of limits you, doesn’t it? I’ve seen some submariners in action, and all they seem to have is a fast ball and maybe a curve. But you might try the splitter and see what happens. If that doesn’t work—maybe you should consider sidearm. Now, I don’t ordinarily advocate changing one’s pitching delivery, but for you that might be an option if it means solving your problem and perhaps expanding your repertoire. Something to think about. 8)

What you’ve done is create a whole new set of circumstances because there could literally be dozens of different CU grips. So which one are you using now. You’ve already said a split didn’t work, and that’s definitely a form of a CU.

My boy was a sidewinder and here’s one he used with a very high degree of effectiveness and accuracy,

Remember, the only important thing when throwing a CU, is that you have to make the hitter believe it’s a FB. Its nice to have a lot of velocity difference, but its much more important to be able to throw the thing for strikes.

What level do you pitch at? Is it at all possible to see some numbers like strike percentage and 1st pitch strike percentage?