I can throw harder submarine than i can overhand. I would like to reverse this and i am curious if there is any particular muscle group that needs strengthening or a common mechanical flaw that needs correcting. Thanks in advance.

I’m having the same exact trouble as you are having. Submarine style is giving me 4-6 more MPH than overhand. I would like to switch to overhand because throwing sidearm/submarine makes my arm hurt badly after a while.

i find that throwing side arm gives me an extra 4-8mph but my coach making me throw overhand because he thinks that will correct my control problems. He says that once you get use to a new arm slot and throwing position you will be throwing hard like that again. Your opinions?

I’m gonna start throwing overhand. Its hard to get rid of the ol sidearm habits because I will miss that extra speed. Perhaps I will start using some weighted baseballs? That should be interesting and I hope it will help me.