Stupid Showcase

At showcases or camps do you get a specific time to warm up and play catch.

When i went to mine i went their half an hour earlier thinking that i could have warmed up a little.

The guy who was running the camp said i couldn’t play catch. I was really mad. When the camp started he only gave us 10 minutes exactly warm up. No joke he had a frikin stop watch counting down the 10 minutes.

He also forgot about the pitching at the very end. And we were only given 15 pitches each to throw.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, if so what should i have done.

My arm wasn’t really that warm up and i threw only 80mph. At home 2 days ago i topped out at 85mph. Which just made me mad.

what should i have done. does this happen at most camps. do you only get certain amount of time to warm up.

You run into this sometimes. Some showcases are all about the money. The showcases my guys go to, they still only get 12 or so pitches but they do get a bunch of time to warm up so those 12 are top speed.

ya the funny thing about this camp/showcase was it didn’t cost any money to go. Which was a first for this year. I don’t know why. But ya absolutely free to go to.

So ya i am kind of spetical to go to other showcases now just because i might run into the same problem. And i was not impressed at all by my first showcase.

I had to laugh when I read this, because it reminded me of one teacher I had in high school. From time to time she would spring a pop quiz on the class, but she never gave anyone a chance to answer; it was always “Zero, next!” “Zero, next!”, like a machine gun. The only thing we could do was shrug it off.
As far as showcases of that sort are concerned, you want to be careful and check into them before you waste your time going to another one.

ya okay thanks zito.

But ya this was a showcase was to see who would represent our province and play other teams from Canada.

So ya it was pretty important. There was only one camp in our area. The next camp was 4 hours away. And it was ran by the same people. So ya. Really really disappointing.

god that must of stunk. my math teacher used to do that think that zita said.

on top of that sucking even more. That day of the camp was my birthday and i was planning to have CHINESE FOOD that night and birthday cake afterwards.

Instead i had to have spagetti(good carbs before a showcase i guess).

And i didn’t even have any cake after either.

So ya it was really really stupid.

Man that sucks, good luck and keep us informed.

How many guys were at the showcase?

That could have played into how the whole thing was run…Also if you ask me, 30 minutes before any kind of pitching appearance is no where near enough of a warm up especially when you know it’s for something as important as playing for your province. You should have shown up 1-2 hours early like you do for a game, and start warming up and by the time you have 10 minutes to warm up you are already lightly warm and can use those 10 minutes to fully warm up. You live and you learn.

i would of done that. But it was pretty cold up. I didn’t want to start throwing 1-2 before hand in case i pulled something or so i didn’t make my arm sore.

So instead i just kept warm and was going to use a good half an hour to play catch.

We did do some form of warm up. But it wasn’t throwing the ball. Which is stupid.

I will admit, I always hated Showcases and tryouts and things like that. And Still do. I dont have no type of fun playing baseball at showcases