Stupid Error

I woke up before my game, and skipped my jobe excersises before I headed out to the ball park, I threw a bit and warmed up for the start. I felt good going in but I felt something in my shoulder that was hurting. I only pitched for 2 innings and threw under 20 pitches. Now my shoulder hurts like crazy, I worked out the next morning just on my shoulders (jobes) (5lbs weights). And I’ve been incing it after I worked out.

What I learned from this: DO MY JOBES!!!

I guess I can’t prevent from sounding stupid… but what exactly is jobes?

shoulder workouts. You use like 5 lbs weights or resistance bands. It helps your shoulder become stronger and stuff.

if you have to do these exercises to throw without pain then maybe it has more to do with your mechanics than your pre-game warm-ups. I’ve never heard of workouts being used as healing mechanisms, only injury prevention. I personally never believed in ice therapy and I believe a few scientists disproved its usefulness (I dont know who). Just giving you another angle to look at it.