Stubborness + Hard Work = Proud Moment

Was waiting for this to happen and last night it did. Two of the young pitchers I have worked with the last couple years pitched 3 innings each in a tournament game last night for a local all star team. They won the game rather handily against another very good team of local all stars.

Not a big deal you may say and you would be right. But these two have had to fight and prove they deserve to pitch every game since I have not either been a coach on their team or the head coach of their team.

Too slow, not enough arm , accurate but way too hittable was all I heard from coaches when working with the one boy. The other was going to be turned into a 3b-ss only player as that’s where he belongs. Too many other kids (coaches sons) who can pitch in his age group.

Well two of the coaches who harped the loudest this bs tune about these boys were their coaches in last nights’ game. One literally ran to his car when I pulled into the gas station this morning. The beauty of this is I will be able to serve a little “crow pie” reminder to these two and not worry about my boys losing any pitching time, because it’s all about winning with these two.

Oh well, enough bragging on my part for this post lol. Just wanting to post some positive instead of the negative and troubles I have been posting about my young 10/11 yr. old team. I just want to tell all you young guys out there and parents of the younger pitchers keep working! If you want to pitch practice, practice, and then go practice some more. The two boys I just talked about will practice all they can on their own and even though I am not their coach this year they will still call and beg for me to go to the park early on a weekend morning to help them. I try to oblige them every chance I can. Hopefully, your town will have a coach that will do the same. Remember, it’s never too early to be thinking about next year.

take care

sweet indeed!


Sounds great, something funny was the kids have enough arms to be SS or 3rd but not enough to pitch…some coaches need to open up and embrace talent in any form.

Thanks for sharing and good job.

Some coaches…they remind me of the inestimable creature known as the ostrich. It often goes around with its head in the sand. The difference is, the ostrich is looking for water.
When I was in school, they didn’t have an athletic program to speak of, just a general physical education program which encompassed all kinds of activities—some of which I was pretty good at, like rope climbing. So I played baseball on the outside, sandlot and eventually what would have been called semipro if the players had gotten paid. We had a manager who had been a semipro infielder (second base) and who had good baseball savvy, and it was during that time that I met the guy who would become my pitching coach for almost four years. I remember one time he told me that it wouldn’t have mattered if I had been from another planet; he saw me as a good young pitcher who wanted to be more effective and who was willing to work at it, and he took me in hand and helped me become a very, very good pitcher indeed.
I agree, a lot of coaches need to wake up and see what they have and learn to utilize it. 8)