Struggling with Velocity


I am a 14 year old freshman and am 5’6". I struggle with velocity and want to know some drills and new mechanics that could help my velocity. I average a 59 mph fastball, 56 mph changeup and 55 mph curve. My curve had very good break and I will post a video later.


Using J-Bands (every day is key) and long tossing 5+ days a week helped me go from 60 to 70+ this offseason. Definitely would recommend the Jaeger throwing program, I know some people don’t like it, but it definitely helped me out. It’s not even a lot of work either, just throwing for about 20 minutes a day and 10 or so to do the bands. Also “jobes” exercises help strengthen the arm, look those up on YouTube, plenty of good videos out there. Use a 2.5 plate or dumbbell. As for mechanics, I have no idea what yours look like so I can’t be of any help there. Good luck.


I am an 14 year old freshman and am 5’2". My fastball is 73.3 mph and my knuckle curve ball is 41mph and It drops really good. I use j-band, weighted balls, and I swim every day and run three laps around my neighborhood. I hope you get better


At 14 years of age and at 5’6", physically there’s a reason for your velocity rating. I would assume that you’re about 120 pounds, max, and that you’re physique is slim - not husky or muscular.

It’s my opinion that you still have growing and maturing to do, physically. Give yourself another … say one or two years and you’ll be progressing to where your body can enhance your velocity.

Without seeming personal here, are the members of your family the same with respect to physical builds? For example, are the men in your family about the same height and so forth? Look to these similarities for what might be ahead for you in the future. Compactness is not necessarily and indication of limited athletic ability but it can give you some idea of what to expect. I’ve seen pitchers who are under 6 feet do amazingly well as position players. These guys with howitzer arms are fantastic at third base (the hot spot), shortstop, right field, and so on.

I had a pitcher who had to be cut, but as luck would have it our third baseman got injured and we needed a good arm at third. So before sending this pitcher on release, we decided to give him a shot at third. He was amazing… quick as a cat, like a vacuum, with an arm like a bazooka! Are you ready for this … he stood all of 5’9", 210 pounds. I stood behind our first baseman once watching this guy throw into the first baseman’s mitt and the zip sound of the incoming ball and the whack into the mitt was unreal.

In any event, give yourself time to grown and fill out a bit more.


My father is 6 feet even and approximately 190 pounds. My grandfather is 6’5 though.