Struggling with control

What do you do when you start to lose control or “cant find it”? Personally i like to take a walk around the mound and do anything i can to clear my head. Also i tell the catcher just to set up down the middle and let me serve up one bp fastball. When im struggling i just like to get ahead of the hitter then im fine after that.

My advice to my guys is always to…

  1. Focus on the glove (e.g. block out the batter).
  2. Let it rip.

Too often when they need a pitch they get tight and try to aim the ball and that only makes things worse.

You’ve got relax, shut your conscious mind up, and let your body do what it knows how to do.

Its all about staying relaxed , i play music over and over in my head when im starting to lose some control, and i repeats over and over in my head , keep the ball down.Its alot easier to miss high than it is to miss outside or inside so just try to keep the ball down and theres a greater chance it will be called

Think about the mechanics you have when you throw a fastball right down the middle. When I throw a pitch that tails outside, i’ll replay in my head what my body feels like on a perfectly thrown fastball. Easier said than done, but it’s worked for me.

My advice in this instance is to step off. Rub the ball down, refocus on fundementals, too many times I see guys get all jinked up and start messing with their mechanics…or worse changing their motion which usually complicates matters. It’s the same with hitting, always best to take it to the simplest level, always return to basics and it generally works out. Figure it this way, if you are concentrating on a fundemental motion you aren’t focusing on the fact that you are losing it.
One other thing, taking too much time between pitches hardly ever helps…sorta like taking too much aim, get it, throw it.

Seems like everyone has basically the same idea. Just try to simplify the process. Makes sense. I hate when i see pitchers struggle and they dont take a deep breath or step off. They just get right back on the rubber and keep chucking the ball everywhere.

wat i do if i loose control it is i mk the catcher come to me also pay attention to the glove probly u need to get a grip of the ball it happens alot to me i figure some way to fix it probly kiss the ball 4 good luck id try anthing even if it hearing music to calm me down