Struggling with control/confidence

Hi everyone -

So I’m currently a sophomore in high school on JV. I’m a lefty pitcher and have been pitching my entire life, and never have I ever had a season like I am having. I can rarely throw strikes in the bullpen, and even less in the actual game. Now, with the season winding down, I believe I have screwed up every chance I had this season to prove I can contribute to the varsity team next year. I believe, hesitantly, that I have found the issue to what has been causing this. I was landing with my foot closed, and only just realized this after one of the catchers pointed it out to me. I finished the pen throwing that way, and the difference in accuracy was tremendous. A few days after, I went to the park with a few of my friends and pitched to them. The difference in my pitching was phenomenal. They were not able to touch me, and I mean that modestly.

My only worry now, is that with two games left in the season, and the last option on the team to pitch, I don’t think I am going to have another chance to prove myself, especially since I am a PO. Essentially, I believe I have screwed up every opportunity given to me and expect to get cut next year. The current junior class who will be seniors next year are amazing, and there will be very few spots left for upcoming juniors (me). Is there anything I can do to prove myself to these coaches, or am I simply a lost cause?

Any help or insight is appreciated, thank you.

The coaches are going to play whoever can help them win. You have a full year to be that guy. Go to work, get bigger and stronger and faster and then go compete for the job you want when it’s time.