Struggling throwing strikes?

Good Article.

When will coaches ever learn. Telling a pitcher who is on the mound to “throw strikes” does not work. The only thing it might do is get the kid to start aiming the ball, which IMO causes lower velocity and pitches that usually get crushed.

While I’m at it another pet peeve is coaches that have young kids, 12 and under, throw intentional balls on 0-2 counts. The exception would be a change down in the zone. Again, IMO, let the kids throw strikes.

Too often we get bogged down in the mechanics of throwing strikes, and lose sight of the feel of throwing strikes. I love the quote by Tony Robicheaux about teaching the feeling of throwing balls and strikes.

"The pitcher had electric stuff but couldn’t find the plate…"
And this has to be the reason. Coaches’ interference. There was one pitching coach who was fired by one club after another because he was doing this all the time: he would run out to the mound after almost every pitch and harangue and harass the poor fish who was having difficulty finding the strike zone—and this was in the major leagues! You know, if I were pitching and having some trouble and the coach kept coming out to the mound, I would call time, yank the glove off my hand, shove it in the guy’s face and say to him, “Here, you think you can do better? Get out there on the mound and pitch to this next guy and see how you do!” And I would walk off the mound and go into the clubhouse, and out of the ballpark and home.
Turn22, you are so right. When will coaches ever learn? Or do some of them have sawdust where their brains ought to be? Someone said in another post that many coaches in the lower levels of the game stink on hot ice, and he was on target.