Struggling lately

Lately I have been struggling when I come in to pitch. I have had a lot of problems with control and just everything. I really do feel GREAT when I get up there, but once I throw that first pitch everything goes down hill. It’s typically a ball. Then I try to turn it on a little bit more… Ball. Im already in a bad position, so now of course, I have to stay away from the junk. I will walk a batter or two… Or occasionaly more. Then I find myself hitting batters and just giving up easy base hits. Then even when I DO get ahead in the count, I can really start working with my pitches more and I have a little relief. I may get a batter to ground out here and there, but right after that I am right back to laboring.

Like I said, I really do feel great. I’m loose, my arm is feeling stronger than ever. Hell when I am throwing my bullpen sessions, I hit all my spots and my “stuff” is working really well. But something about getting in the just gets to me. I feel like everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong. Usually, it does.

I have thought many, many times about my mechanics. Whether they were proper or not. It is very hard to tell without someone else watching me, but to me, I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong at all. Im closed, my stride is nice, my arm isn’t lagging behind, I’m pushing off the mound and not “falling.” Hell I just dont know anymore.

Could this possibly be all mental? Should I practice up more on my mechanics? Should I ease up on my speed and try to place more? Anything would help at this point. Especially since my Jr. Legion team is about to go to Districts :?

It’s maybe because your thinking about your mechanics on the bump.

Also, your mentality has to change. When you throw ball 1 don’t say “here we go again, cmon dont walk him” your mentality should be come back with a good pitch and even up this count.

Let’s do what I tell my wife to do when her computer farts in her face for the 10th time that day. Shut it completely down, and after its had enough of a rest so the CPU is cooled down, fire it up again. Your CPU is overheating, probably because you have some program in a loop it can’t get itself out of.

You’re firing a shotgun in every direction imaginable, hoping that if you try enough things, just by luck you’ll find the magic combination that will fix everything, but pitching doesn’t work that way. I don’t know how old you are or at what level you’re trying to pitch, and those things can be important.

Know so little about the situation, all I’m comfortable with offering as advice are only very generic things. The 1st thing I already told you. Back off! Take a deep breath and go back to very simple basics. When I say simple basics, I’m talking about playing catch properly. What I’d like to see you do, is go back until you find something that gives you satisfactory results, not like the things you’re doing now where nothing is working.

But perhaps the best advice I can give you, is that whatever happened, didn’t happen in just one game or one day. Pitching doesn’t work that way. More likely, its that things were just a teeny bit off here and there, but you were able to make some adjustments and kinda make up for it. But sooner or later, when there’s too many rubber bands and bailing wire, its impossible to continue making adjustments, and the whole shebang collapses.

If you have some videos of when things were going good, compare them to some vids of what’s going on now. I’ll bet you’d be able to easily pick out some things you didn’t even realize were going on.

I wish you well!

Pitching is all about making adjustments, when you aren’t throwing strikes you have to know about your pitching and what makes your pitches go up or down or side to side. Once you know what makes it happen then you need to use your brain to tell yourself about what adjustments to make, don’t assume that when you are off that the next pitch will just be on naturally. Game time vs bull pen is about energy, adrenaline, pressure, mentality and pressure…while in a game you aren’t throwing strikes, make small adustments to balance, release, grip pressure and anything else that makes a difference to your ability to pitch…you will figure it out.

Next, use video, get bullpen video and compare it to game time video…there will be a difference if your bullpens are as good as you say.

I’m 16 and I’m currently playing for a Junior American Legion ball team. Although I’m a Jr. Legion player, some of my games have been against 18u teams.

I do not have any videos of myself pitching at the moment. I don’t have a video camera either so it will be tough to get a video without that :stuck_out_tongue: I might be able to bum one from someone, though. I could have a video up soon if that would help.

Thanks for the advice, though.

Good advice, Scorekeeper. Sounds like your wife needs a shiny new computer :slight_smile:

Just curious here. Think back and see if some of your “problems” don’t get worse when you’re facing older/more experienced opposition. Many times people don’t understand that playing up or down can create significant “problems”. Things that work against average 16YO players may well not work nearly as well against average 18YO players. I’m just sayin’ that you might be doin’ yourself an injustice.

Some of the very best advice I ever got was to get at least one video of my boy in a game where he did great early on every season, and then to use it as a base for comparison for later on, if and when things might not be going so well. If nothing else, you can always rent a camera, but I’m sure it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to find someone you know who will let you borrow a camera.