Struggling College Pitcher

Ok, this is my first time ever posting on a baseball website before but im not really sure where to go at the moment. I guess I will start by giving you my background. Im 19 years old and just finished up my freshmen season at a very prestigious division 1 program. Im a low 90’s guy who can occasional get up to 94-95, im 6’4’’, 210 pounds. I come to this forum because I am not getting the results that my coaches and I would expect of me. Lately, in my past 5 outings I have been getting behind in counts, hitting batters, and not throwing my breaking ball for a strike. This is a problem because I have never had difficulties with command before. When I go onto the mound im very competitive but lacking the adrenaline that I use to get. I started pitching my junior year of high school and did very well because I felt like I had something to prove because I was a “nobody” as far as baseball goes. I did well my senior year with the same mentality. As soon as I got to college after everything changed, nobody doubted my abilities, and I felt like I had nothing to prove. I was given the starting role as a freshmen. I think with this mentality I became very lackadaisical on the mound. My question is how do I get that feeling that I have something to prove again? How do I get out of this funk?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Well, is this what you want more than anything on earth? Ya know just having skill is a great portion but not by far the whole thing. How will feel if it all goes away? The words you’ve used don’t sound as if you are very inspired. Now this can be a whole bunch of things, it can be the pressure, it can be poor diet, or just plain tired, it can be depression, in other words it can be a whole lot of things. You obviously have skill, I suggest you speak with a counseller or a professional (If this is the most important thing to you and the desire of your heart). Don’t wait, D-1 Schools (For that matter any manner of college) have folks who are paid to assist you, use them. Find out what the underlaying issue is and get better, get at it now. Do not wait around, you instigate it. Let us know when you’ll be sending me my box seats to your first pro start :wink:

develope confidence

The Cincinnati Reds in 1961 had a pitcher named Jay Hook, who might have been a good pitcher except he didn’t trust his stuff. One day he started a game against the Pirates, and they ate him alive, converting every pitch he threw into line-drive extra-base hits. When he was finally removed from the game he returned to the dugout and sat there in a corner, bemoaning the fact that his fast ball had deserted him. He kept saying, over and over, “Without my fast ball I can’t pitch”. In vain did fellow pitcher Jim Brosnan try to explain to him that you have other pitches to throw and you use them when your fast ball isn’t there; he might as well have been talking to the wall. Hook didn’t last long in the majors after that.
Now, I don’t know exactly what your situation is But I would suggest that one of the people you should talk to is your pitching coach, especially if he knows his stuff. He just might have something to say that would get you back on track. I had a situation like that once, where I was facing a nightmare in which I felt that my stuff wasn’t working. I talked to my pitching coach, and before I knew it he introduced me to a strategy I had no idea he knew anything about. It didn’t take long before we hit the focal point of our investigation—I hadn’t even known it, but I was uncertain about my ability to pitch in tight situations with less than my best stuff. In about an hour he knocked my whole problem out of commission and restored my confidence, gave me more support and reassurance than I had ever imagined, and demolished any anxieties I might have had. And the next day I went out and pitched a two-hit shutout.

send me some too. jd would know what to do in a situation like this. from what ive read hes been through it all with his son.

yeah man like JD said there could be many possibilities of whats been goin wrong. Maybe it was just a rough span. But think of this, not many people get the opportunity to play D1 ball. Thats everybodys dream for the next step coming out of highschool excluding the ones drafted out of highschool of course. But savor the chance you have there while your there. Go back to that bulldog mentality and prove to everyone that you do deserve to be up there. But hey that other guy might be trying to take your spot in the rotation. Make it a friendly competition with in your team mates.