Struck out looking

Struck out looking today, except it was in the dirt, first time I ever had to run out a called strike three, this ever happen to any of you? Terrible call, didn’t mind that I struck out since it wasn’t a strike so I wasn’t upset with myself or anything.

Happened to me once then the catcher threw it away and I ended up on third

Have you any idea how many times this has happened? Especially in the major leagues? And how many times the batter ran out that thrd strike and made it to first—and what happened after that? One classic instance occurred in the 1941 World Series, Yankees vs. Dodgers. Tommy Henrich was at bat for the Yankees with two out in the ninth inning and the Yankees behind by a run. He struck out looking, but the ball got away from Dodger catcher Mickey Owen and skittered all the way back to the dugout, and Henrich, ever alert, took off like a shot and made it to first safely. Next thing you know, the Yankees scored four runs on a walk, a single and a pair of doubles, and they took the lead 7-4…and they won that game, the next game and the Series.
And there have been many other such instances.
So you see, you are not alone. :slight_smile:

Yeah things like that happen. Quite honestly, umpires do make mistakes. And a ball can hit the dirt behind the plate and still be a strike if it crosses at your knees, especially if you were at the front of the box.

But you’re right, it happens and you can’t really be super mad about that.

I bet the pitcher was happy. It’s all about perspective …

Yea, I was back in the box though, and it was about 6 inches off the ground at the plate, too bad I didn’t make it to first, that woulda been something! 8)

i hate bad umpires, they can really change the momentum of the game

I really hate it when we start blaming umpires for game results or how we pitched or how our plate appearance was. Here is the way I think about it, “That wont be the last time I get robbed this season, just the most recent”! Get over it and move on!

Yeah it just is really tough sometimes to do that!