Stronger throws in the outfield than on the mound

During a game I wasn’t pitching in this last season my coach put me right field. Since our center fielder was taking a little long to come out I played catch with the left fielder. I was making throws to him with relative ease and no crow-hop. It seemed to me like I was making stronger throws in the outfield than I do on the mound; I felt like I was putting more behind it. It made me wonder why I don’t get this when I pitch. What do you guys think?

Try this. The next time you’re working out in the outfield, make those throws first from the outfield to second base, or third, and then to the mound, and then to the catcher at home plate—and see what happens. It just could be that you’re throwing harder and stronger at those longer distances. And if you’re doing long toss, do the same thing, and see how far you can throw the ball. Many a pitcher has that kind of success making those long distance throws, and without benefit of a “crow hop”. 8)