Strikezone difference

why does it seem that the strikezone in youth leagues seem to be smaller for good pitchers and bigger for not so good pitchers. not that my kid throws alot of balls but iam more concerned about it when he is at the plate. in 10 ab he has been rung up 3 times on just completely awful pitches (not even remotely close) at the eyes and 8 inches outside. i teach the program that we focus on about its the first 2 good stikes that he swung at and missed or fouled thats what got him to the 2 strike count but still i am just amazed how big the strikezone can get, yea give them 2 or 3 inhes off the corner but 8 is ridiculous. its frustrating, the 3 times it has happen are when we up by like 12 runs . you teaach your kid to hit strikes and then with 2 ya got to swing at them off the plate but it just amazies me

I am finding this year that the umpires are giving a fist or 2 to the outside (particularly on righties) and on the inside it needs to be on the white for it to be a strike, should be the same all over.

This seems to be happening at all levels of the game. I’ve noticed that in the major leagues every umpire, contrary to what is stipulated in the rule book, has his own strike zone, and there are a few who would rather there be no strike zone at all (or so it seems). This places a terrific strain on the poor pitchers who practically have to roll the ball up to the plate, much less get it into a rapidly disappearing area between the knees and the belt. Whatever happened to the original rule regarding the strike zone, which was between the knees and the shoulders or some such, the way it was in my day when I pitched? Gee whizzikins!!! :shock: