Strikeout Video: Check it Out

This is the strikeout video I just made highlighting half my K’s this year. I’m a senior at Antioch Community High School, I was All-Area last year as a junior. I’m committed to play baseball at College of Lake County and I’m looking to go Div 1 after that. My fastball was just recently clocked at 87 mph. I’m just trying to get my name out there. I have always had aspirations of playing professionally. My stats are posted under the video.

I gotta say I was distracted by watching the different ways each umpire punched out the batters. There was the do nothing ump, then the flying helicopter puller, the low hanging fruit squeezer, the lawn mower puller, the punch board ump and the rack the slide ump.

I understand the theme of the video but I wonder if you couldn’t make a more effective one that provides better views of your delivery and mechanics both in the wind up and stretch position.

Your plan to go JUCO for 2 years is a very viable option. Just make sure you study something you can use in the workplace four or five years from now when baseball might be over and student loans are needing to be paid.

You have a nice intensity which shows in the video and for me that alone would be worthy of taking an interest in giving you a chance to earn a spot on a college team. From what I see, you have what it takes if you just want it enough, maintain discipline in your life and you remain injury free. Good Luck.

Dino, I got a good chuckle out of your descriptions of the different styles the umpires used. Let me add a few I’ve seen—and heard—in the major leagues. There’s the silent ump who does everything in sign language. There’s the one who delays the call—and there are quite a few of those, who want to make sure it’s strike three. My favorite is Jim Joyce, whom I’ve seen many times working the plate; there’s no mistaking him when he calls balls and strikes—his call sounds like a cross between a rampaging elephant and Godzilla (the monster in the Japanese movies). Another one is Adrian Johnson, a copycat of Joyce, and I can only imagine what might ensue if the two worked a doubleheader with Joyce at the plate in one game and Johnson calling balls and strikes in the second game—what a zoo! And there are many more. :lol:

Fun video to watch, but as far as helping to get your name out there… well I just don’t think it’ll help that much.

Like Dino said better angles are needed showing your delivery, it’s nice to get the K’s but on some of those you can’t see you until after you’ve fallen to the side of the mound.

Congrats on signing with the JUCO keep workign hard at it and hopefully in 2 years you’ll have the opportunity to transfer to a quality 4 year program.