Strike the side or a three pitch inning?

I love when I do either one but which one do you think is better

I love when I get a three pitch inning. It has only happened to me once this year and it was the best inning ever.

both are great but i love the feeling of striking out the side just dominating 3 hitters in a row

Yeah I would love to do both every game, but that would be pretty much impossible.

You gotta ask yourself as a starting pitcher what your goal is. Everytime you take the mound your main objective is to put your team in position to win the ballgame. Getting a three pitch inning is the most efficient you can be. Thus, it will allow you to go deeper into the game and control your pitch count. The deeper you go into the game with a controlled pitch count will give your manage more options and will allow him to figure out how he wants to finish the game. Starter gets the win, setup man gets the hold, closer gets the save. Save the punchouts, give me three pitches three outs. Let’s win the game.

Plus, the 3-pitch inning gets the defense involved. Striking out the side makes them just stand around and watch.

Yep, yesterday our Ace struck so many people out that the 3rd time through the order they were making contact and our defense was asleep and couldn’t make plays.

We were up 2-0 and then by the end of that inning because our defense was asleep and our pitcher got frustrated we were down 13-2 by the end of it.

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i love that feeling of striking out the side but would prefer the 3 pitch inning.
I’ve done both this year striking out the side 3 or 4 times and 3 pitch inning once.
My defense really cant play so in order for us to win i have to strike out the side a bunch :wink:

either one

It all depends on the situation. Of course, it would be nice to retire the side on three pitches, but what if you come into the game in relief in the middle of the inning and you have a couple of runners on base? Then you have no choice, especially with none or one out. You have to go for the strikeout. Here’s a scenario: the starting pitcher is taken out of the game in the seventh inning, and you come in to relieve. The bases are loaded, and there’s nobody out, and you’re going to face a pinch-hitter you’ve never seen before. All right, what now?
You have to keep the guy on third from scoring.
So there is no clear-cut one-or-the-other answer to this particular question. You have to think about the situation and go to what you know about strategic pitching. I can give you an example, not only from my own experience but also from what I have seen in the major leagues any number of times. Bases loaded, nobody out, and you’re facing an unfamiliar hitter. I saw many a pitcher do just this: he struck out the first two hitters he faced and then he got the next one to hit a weak grounder to first. End of inning, side retired. (Think Mariano Rivera.) Another pitcher would just strike out the side, which is not a bad way to get out of a jam like this. (Again, think Mariano Rivera.) However you do it, the essential thing is to keep the runner on third where he is and don’t let him score. Having been a strategic pitcher, I think in those terms all the time. 8)

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