Striding with the front knee still bent? (PICS INSIDE)

Today at my game, I was watch the other teams pitcher and I was watching how he was striding. He was striding with his knee still bent. Like Hideki Okajima and Sabathia:

What does that do for you? I am guessing it increase hip/shoulder separation? Can anyone explain?

I think so because it makes ittake longerfor your footto touch the ground

think its just how u bring your front leg around

some guys “sit” infront of theyre back leg like k-rod:

where as others bring their front leg underneath them and out front into footplant and get the result like CC and hideki

A pitcher that goes forward with his front leg bent carries more potential energy (forces of gravity acting on a body) into front foot plant and consequently more momentum into hip and shoulder rotation. The pitcher that goes up and back down with his leg lift before going forward is essentially giving up that potential energy he’s created and might as well not lift at all.

That said, this is a significantly smaller portion of the generation of velocity than the rotational energy of hip/shoudler separation and should only be maximized to the point of not losing balance or posture.