Hey all, since last week I’ve been working on decreasing the length of my stride. You might wonder WHY?! Well I have problems with keeping my elbow at the same level as my shoulder or a little under it. So, I figured what if I decrease my stride length… I started working on it last week and yesterday we had a game and I relieved 4 innings with only throwing 1 base on balls- normally I have 1BB per 2 innings!
I feel having more control over my fastball and my arm is feeling really good today… Before during the warmup my coach told me I was throwing across my body. Is throwing across my body good or bad?


Depends on what is “across my body” means, a typical arm slot will end up (for a RH pitcher) over the left knee, I have seen some coaches that think to throw over the top means the right hand needs to stay on the same side of the body…try it, it’s really almost impossible to throw like that. Best thing to do is post some video of you from all angles if possible.

How bout a video kid! let’s give her a see!

you want to throw across ur body. it means ur follwoing through wich is a good thing