Stride question

I was reading the pitching stride section of the Mechanics Articles because my hips don’t “Explode”. They sort of open slowly during my follow through. Even as a street baller, I’d like to get a little more oomph in my pitches.

As I was reading I came across this:

“once that stride foot lands, it’s the action of the ‘backside knee drive,’ thrusting forward and inward, that explosively rotates the hips, which rotates the shoulders and creates power.”

I understand the concept, but I cannot Picture it. Its really just the ‘backside knee drive’. thrusting forward and inward" part.

Can anyone either explain this or post a picture/video of it? I tried it a little and I mess up my push off the rubber alot. I just want to see it, I can copy it much easier once I’ve seen it.

Thanks Guys

The old cue of pulling the back knee forward to fuel hip rotation is something that just isn’t supported by video of the best in the game.

I have another question. When I play tennis keeping my head down helps me balance my upper body while driving through the ball. For baseball when I throw the 3/4 slot, I have to tilt my head, not only for shoulder leveling, but for balance as well. Is there a “correct” injury free way of doing this?

Another q: On follow through my back leg points straight back and follows through maybe a second later. Is this the correct way to follow through with my leg? It gives me insane control,but sometimes I feel like it steals torque away.

Sorry for posting again, but I’d also like to know what you guys do without mounds. For some reason I can’t get my form together on the flat. I would guess that I’m a momentum pitcher. Basic lead with my hip and probably a height long stride. Since I got used to falling off the mound and taking a stride down the mound, dry pitching on the flats really messed up my timing. Is there a way to make a substitute mound out of wood?

Or should I just learn to pitch on the flats lol. Seems like the easiest solution.