Stride problems?

I’m 15, a righty, and throw mostly high seventies occasionally in the low eighties. I’ve just noticed when watching recordings of me pitching though that instead of my stride going right at home plate its going about 4-6 inches towards 3rd base. Im wondering if im losing potential velocity from doing that? Also, over a long period of time, do resistance bands and long toss really help you to gain velocity?

Let me ask you something. What’s your arm angle—your arm slot? Because if you’re throwing sidearm, that step toward third base is the start of the crossfire move which is something that works only with the sidearm delivery. If such is the case, you want to whip around with your whole body and fire the pitch to the plate from that angle. In that case, no problem. But if you don’t throw sidearm, that delivery won’t work, and you’ll need to work on going directly toward the plate. A good drill for that purpose would be to put a 2-by-4 board lengthwise in front of the mound, and when you wind up and deliver the pitch you’ll want to practice striding along that board and not fall off to either side. 8)

4"-6" to the 3rd base side is most likely not an issue.

Resistance bands help strengthen the small muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint and decelerate the arm. As such, bands are more of an enabler - you need increased joint stability and stronger decelerators to throw harder.

Whether or not long toss aids velocity is a topic of debate for some. My opinion is that if it helps strengthen parts of the body you use to pitch, then it should help. Of course, there are other things that also contribute.