Stride length

How important is stride length, how do you measure it with percentages, how long is a good stride.

Stride length is super important. I prefer a stride of atleast 100%.

just stay closed and get good hip-shoulder seperation
stride length is a prodcut of that

Average pitcher’s stride is 86-87% of body height … Tim Lincecum’s is 127% of his ( :shock: ).

I don’t like absolutes or % of height. Roger and I agree that the stride should be as long as possible while still being able to maintain good posture and balance. You must be able to get good hip rotation.

Yep, Steven said it all.

But Kelvin made good point too. Don’t focus on lengthening the stride - focus on doing everything else right and let the stride length happen. Good momentum, good posture and balance, and good front side management should result in a good stride length and a release point out front.

“But Kelvin made good point too”

never thought i would see this. but hey even a broken clock is right 2 times a day. just kidding, good help kelvin.

Most people would agree that you get the most power out of your shoulder hip seperation, right?

thanx: Td, Roger

i agree

  • scap loading

That’s a big part of it, for sure.