Stride Length

My son is 10 years old and is 4’10" tall. We measured his stride today and it is 3’11" , or 77% of his heigth. Does this sound to short? I have heard it should be 85% or more but I dont see how he can do it and keep his balance. 77% seems long now.


Ok if you post a video I might be able to help you more you do what it to try to be 100% but not so that he forces to get a long stride but so that his momentum will get him that.


Given his current age, I wouldn’t be concerned.

I think this fixation on stride length is counter-productive. I suggest that it’s much healthier to focus on centre of gravity movement, sideways, for a longer period of time and with increasing tempo. Let that be the goal and the stride length will increase naturally, as opposed to some arbitrary percentage of height. Measuring the resultant stride length isn’t a bad thing. Just use it as a gauge, not a hard and fast goal.