Stride length

I’m 6’1, my stride is between 6’6 and 6’10ish. I dont force it, I’ve just started using my hips extremely effectively and getting out there purely with momentum. The way I feel about stride is that it should be as long as your hip momentum and weight shift take you. What do all you guys think about stride and how to effectively have a strong stride.

Why worry about the stride at all? If what you’re doing works for you, just continue to do it. If it doesn’t that’s when to look for things that might be changed. IOW, if it ain’t broke, don’t look to fix it.

I believe that the longer your stride the better. But you have to remain athletic. And the key is to not stick out your front leg to increase your stride but to use your back leg’s push to get it out further. A longer stride also helps you get closer to home so your fastball appears faster than it is, which is one of the reasons Tim Lincecum is an effective pitcher. I also have a long stride like you and the only downside is when I do pitching drills, some of them can be hard to do.
To some it up: the longer the better, while remaining athletic. I wish I was 6’1. That would sure help me out. I’m around 5’11 and I usually stride around 6’4 myself.


You’re on the right track. A long stride is the result of doing other things well - including the generation of momentum. As such, we use it as an indicator. If it’s not relatively long (a good guide is 6 shoe lengths), then we look at the other elements of the delivery that we know contribute to a long stride to see if there is something that can be improved. But we don’t directly try to lengthen the stride as that often results in reaching with the front foot or lunging accompanied by posture or other issues.

There is evidence that longer stride lengths are associated with increased velocity, but only when the pitcher is not purposely reaching out with their lift leg. Going out and around with the lift leg to increase your stride length would actually be counterproductive. You are also probably quite flexible if you’re are able to stride at a 6’10" length, good job :slight_smile:

Longer stride= closer to home so you become more accurate
Longer stride= closer to home and less reaction speed the batter can have
Longer stride= ball gets back to you just that much faster…hope you are really working on your defensive position too!!!

I like it!!!