Stride/Hershiser Drill

I was reading a Dick Mills article (not a huge fan) but he brings up a good point about how important the back leg drive is to pitching. I have a pretty big problem with leading with my hips and getting that powerful push off the back leg. He mentioned this pitcher would go out and just practice striding and pushing off that back leg 500 times a day and saw a noticeable improvement. I was thinking about doing this along with the hershiser drill to help correct the problems with my lower half. Any thoughts/suggestions?

The hershiser drill is a great drill to teach hip drive and using the bad leg powerfully. If you need a video of it, just go to the top of the page where it says video clips and you can find a copy.

Yeop, I think I got the drill down. I’m going to try and do 100 reps of the drill a day along with just practicing my stride. I’ve also been doing lunges to try and increase power. Do you think it’s possible for me to commit the hershiser drill into muscle memory in 5 months? That’s when my season starts back up. I’m having trouble utilizing it when there is no wall there, it just doesn’t feel like I’m driving with the same distance when there is no wall there.

I don’t know, I think you can, it is a change that I did during the offseason last year. One thing that I do if I have issues with hip drive is do it off of a mound, but I also have a very high leg lift and my motion allows for me to do this comfortably as well.