I am looking for a good stretching routine to do before i pitch a game but i want to make sure that i do not overstretch. I am a junior in highschool and i usually try to complete the college stretching routine (In the Tuff Cuff Manual) before a game,practice,etc. The highschool stretching routine seemed to not stretch me out enough. But i i feel great after doing the college routine. I am not able to complete all of the college stretching before a game due to limited time. So i need some help putting together a good Pitcher stretching routine to do before games that will stretch me out enough and not take over 15 min.

A solid dynamic warm-up program can be done in as little as 5 min or up to 20 min. Any kind of static stretching with time constraints would detract from you getting warmed up in time and into the bullpen.

Does the website you posted in your reply provide a dynamic routine?

I think a basic YouTube search would reveal a bunch. Check out guys on YouTube like Nick Tuminello (Performance U), James Smith (Smitty @ Diesel Crew), JJ Bonyai (Empower Athletic Development).

Or search this site for “dynamic warm-up”. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted my routine once or twice awhile back.

Along with a dynamic warm-up, I would recommend foam rolling before every game. I do it at my house right before I leave, and it usually helps me warm-up a lot faster at my games.

guys, Zach knows his stuff and we’re very lucky to have him offering his thoughts on these forums…

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The only warming up I do is throwing :wink:

for most people, this is a recipe for, at the very least, less than optimal performance, and at worst, injury.