Are you supposed to stretch everyday?

Yes, you should shoot to stretch every day.

what if I am sore? should I still continue?

from my experience in cross country and track and field you stretch before and after your workouts and in this case baseball games. When your sore your supposed to drink about 5+ cups of water a day and do all the stretches you know for extended times. Dont do it too hard but get in the habit of stretching. For pitching i really dont know if its this necessary.

Yes even if you are sore you should probably try to stretch.

Stretching is pretty broad term. There’s so many methods all with their own protocols.

For instance:

Static stretching w/ 15-30 seconds holds
3D static stretching (multiple planes) w/ 15-30 second holds
Active isolated stretching w/ 2-second holds
Mattes method (w/ partner or solo)
PNF stretching

So, simple answer, stretch everyday. More elaborate answer, find out what you need and stretch to increase mobility. Don’t stretch just for the sake of stretching. :lol: