Stretching- Static or Dynamic


I currently do a mix of both, but have recently seen case studies that static stretching increases chance of injury and reduces velocity. Therefor, it seems dynamic is the way to go. Should I ever static stretch, or just do dynamic warm up, and what are some good dynamic warm ups to get the body and arm ready before throwing?


From what I’ve seen (I haven’t looked super far into this) static stretching should only be done if there is a serious mobility issue for the reasons you mentioned.


Yeah, that makes sense. I shot Coach Brent a pitching tips question but haven’t gotten video response yet.


He did talk about it on the show once, or at least the sleeper stretch - maybe he will go deeper from your question (i hope). I typed in “static stretching the rotator cuff” into googlescholar and got a ton of hits, although I didn’t read them. You may be interested in reading what is there.


Thanks man. Google scholar is a great tool. Did You see he answered your medicine ball question today


i saw :D:D:D Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with his answer, just like I think he wasn’t very impressed with my question… lol.


Lol yeah, he didn’t really answer it. I guess it’s because he would say one sentence and the question would be answered so he had to ellaborate I guess


There 300th episode is going to be crazy it seems.:tada::tada::tada::tada:


i hope! I asked him on twitter what it would be and no response. i know he said he was taking all suggestions that were PG-13 so it should be very interesting.


It sounds like if he wasn’t there to moderate it the video would be rated r lol.


Dynamic warm-up before your performance, static stretching after while muscles are still warm.

Be careful when stretching around the shoulder. The shoulder is a mobile joint and it’s important not to loosen mobile joints.


i am firm believer in static stretches i throw for about a half hour and pitch for about hour to a hour and a half everyday for the last 2 years and i’ve never felt pain in my shoulder or body plus my father which he is 55 and he throws with me and throws bp to me everyday and he does static stretches before he does it and hes never felt any pain so i am a 100% follower in static stretches