Hi all,
I have been doing the Tuffcuff in season workout and it is going well. However, recently my arm has been feeling pretty stiff all around and less fluid, like my range of motion is being limited. As a righty, my 4 seam fastball has actually been tailing to the left, which it has never really done before. I have not been stretching my arm regularly before/after workouts, so I was wondering if i should be stretching my arm and if so, what stretches i should be doing and for how long.
Also, I can’t figure out what regeneration stretching i should be doing after my workouts, so I have been doing the rope stretches with 8 reps for each, which doesn’t include any arm stretches. Does anybody know?


Stretch your entire body after your workouts, when the muscles are still warm. You can also look into adding some dynamic stretching to your warmups if you continue to have problems with joint mobility.

any specific stretches to do or avoid after workouts/games? length/reps would also be helpful…

I’m not really a stretch guru, but I just keep it simple. Butterfly, figure 4/hurdler’s, feet together touch toes, scorpions, neck stretches, then the various arm stretches you learn in baseball (shoulder, triceps, forearms, wrists).

Instead of worrying about count or reps, just hold the stretch and relax. Pavel Tsatsouline calls it “relax into stretch,” where you control muscular tension by relaxing and waiting it out. After that you stretch a bit further and repeat.