Stretch vs windup in youth league (8-9yr olds)


i was asked not to teach pitching to a player today, as his mother stated she pays big bucks for him to learn at a private facility, but i am troubled when I see someone lined up on the plate as if to throw from the stretch, and then go through all the motions of a windup, which appears make them off balance. should I leave it be?


You could simply as the player why he makes a certain movement. You may find out that some of that is of the player’s own doing and not related to the pitching coach. With X being some dumb thing you see in his delivery and Y being what you would teach him instead, you could say, for example. “I notice you do X. Why does your coach have you doing X?” followed up with, “Speak to your coach about Y, (demonstrate) and see if your coach thinks that Y makes sense for you.”