Stretch for thighs?

I recently started putting a kind of squatting as part of my workout routine and now when I do anything that invloves getting down I get a pain on the front side of both sides. This is sitting down or anything thing like that.
I am assuming it is because when I stretch before I dont really do anything to stretch there. Does any one know some good legs stretchs. Currently all I do is toe touch while on the floor.

the one where your on the ground put ur leg back and then u lay back… if that makes sense lol

How is your form during the squat?

I had a man who arrived at a bullpen session one morning and every oonce and a while he’d reach for the pen’s rosin bag that was perched – up, on a 2X4 over some coat hooks at the back of the pen, and then he’d proceed to rub the small of his back.

After sidelining him for just a few minutes while I called our trainer and asked what’s up …. I was informed that he was helping someone move just two days prior. There was nothing serious to worry about. It seems that he had found some muscles that he hadn’t used in a while and the stiffness and his discomfort was the result.

The muscles that are giving you the kind of feedback that you mentioned here, more than likely, aren’t used in the manner, shape and form that your now asking them to do. So, naturally you’re going to feel some discomfort.

On the other hand, you should notice an relief of this discomfort as time goes on and your repetitions become timely and more frequent.

I do want to caution you on one thing though … your body has a way of responding to exercise… of any kind… in a way that says, more or less, “ oh, we’re going to be doing this now!” And once you start and schedule “frequent flier miles” of yourself, your body is going to expect more disciplines supporting your decisions.

Commitment to exercise training is like flying an airplane. It takes a lot energy and sound judgment to get off the ground, then it takes deliberate concentration and commitment to keeper flying, and even more so, to cool down after … for a smooth landing. Any lack in judgment along the way, any stumbling with your schedule that your body is expecting to adjust to, and your flight will be bumpy as heck and the soreness and pain will be your flight attendant … not to mention a real rough landing when you stop suddenly due to a lack of interest.

And on that note … if you think your discomfort is bothersome now … shut down cold turkey with ANY EXERCISE program, formal or not, and the experience will leave a lasting impression on you - for a lifetime.:bodybuilder:

Coach B.

Well worth reading:

Coach B.

Ok thanks for the replys. Yesterday I only did 50 squats instead of the 100 I was doing. Hopefully this way I can get just get those muscled worked up then start making my way back to 100.