Stress of Waiting

Well it looks like CASon may have re-injured his arm. He threw 6 innings on Saturday only throwing 75 pitches. His arm was fine while he was pitching and they put him in left field for the rest of the game. His elbow which has been fine for several months started hurting when he was warming up in left but he didn’t tell anyone and the game went 11 innings. He didn’t have to make any throws from left but he did play catch before each inning.

When we went to take a little BP on Sunday his elbow hurt on his first practice swing. I checked it out and he was OK on the medial epicondylitis test, but felt pain on the Valgus stress test with only light pressure. I’m more than a little bit afraid that because while he was recovering from his earlier injuries he picked up about 10 mph without doing anything to build up his UCL, that he may have partially torn his UCL. He’s also got a small bruise in that area that he says has been there for a long time, but the location is suspiscious and it could be the result of some previous tearing.

I’ve shut him down and the earliest he’ll be able to get in to see the elbow doc and get an MRI is a week from tomorrow. The stress of waiting to see how his arm does between now and then and what the doctor finds is going to drive me crazy. In any case, he’ll probably be shut down through mid August at least and possibly through the end of August which probably isn’t a bad thing.

i dont have any knowledge on this but i hope all goes well

Real sorry to hear that, CADad. The kid has had more than his share of arm issues. It doesn’t seem fair.

I hope things work out for the best.

well worst case scenario his ucl is torn (i pray for you that its not) but if it is i was reading in SI that there is an operation where they take some tendon from another part of your body and place it in with your ucl

i hope all goes well

Took him to the doctor. Their tests for UCL pain came out positive but there was no laxity. They ran an MRI on the elbow and found a stress reaction in the olecranon with a bit of fluid build up around the ulnar nerve they think was causing the pain.

6 weeks rest of which he’s already had 1.5 weeks of and we’re headed for a couple weeks vacation in another 1.5 weeks so it really won’t be much of an impact at all.

He will have to start over on building the throwing distance and velocity back up but this time we’ll be able to start with a good shoulder program so that won’t get in the way. He should be ready to pitch again by mid October or so.

What exactly is a “stress reaction” and what caused the fluid build up?

If it were my son, I’d make him take 8 weeks of rest. Matter of fact, I did just that back when my son had Pitcher’s Elbow and the doc prescribed 6 weeks of rest.

[quote=“CADad”]… he was OK on the medial epicondylitis test, but felt pain on the Valgus stress test …[/quote]CADad, what are those tests?

I can sympathize re: waiting. My son’s suspected labral tear will take months to just diagnose because it will take that long just to get to see an ortho. (Our health care system here in Canada is great, but s-l-o-w.)

“will take months to just diagnose because it will take that long just to get to see an ortho”

This doesn’t have great anywhere in it… :x

Man fellas! My prayers are with you and your son’s!

The tests for medial epicondylitis are simply flexing and extending the wrist with the arm fully extended to see if that causes pain near the medial epicondyle. The test for UCL involvement is the milking test and the moving valgus stress test. In CASon’s case all I did was have him place his arm at his side with his elbow flexed about 90 degrees, palm up and the push outward from his body on the side of his palm to see if that caused pain. The doctors did the milking test and the moving stress test and found pain. They didn’t find any laxity (If the UCL is torn or stretched then there tends to be more movement between the bones it ties together). I couldn’t tell laxity from a hole in the head so I don’t try to do that.

A stress reaction is the precursor to a stress fracture. It is essentially a bone bruise. It is usually normal remodeling that goes just a bit too far. The thing one doesn’t know about the MRI results is what stage the process is at. Sometimes stress reactions can progress to stress fractures even after you stop putting any load on the area, however since the MRI was taken 1 1/2 weeks after the symptoms showed up that probably isn’t the case. They seemed to imply that the fluid buildup was probably in response to the stress reaction, although they said he may have a hint of chondromalacia also. We’re planning to have CASon go a total of 7 1/2 weeks without throwing until the end of August and then go very, very slowly on the throwing rehab. We are going to continue the shoulder stretching without any break and then start the shoulder strengthening in mid August, a little more than 5 weeks after the injury occurred.

This really ends up being only a couple weeks different from the schedule we planned to have him on anyways as far as throwing goes. The big impact is with the hitting. We’ll have to cut out BP for just as long and he was just hitting his stride at the plate finishing this last tournament something like 8-15 with a home run and a couple long doubles.

Maybe he just needs rest

What do you think taking 7 1/2 weeks off from throwing or hitting is? The only thing he’ll be doing is stretching his shoulder per doctor’s orders. Shoulders tend to tighten up when you take a break from throwing so it is important to keep them stretched. The doctor also ordered him to strengthen the shoulder while he took the break from throwing.

hope all goes well