I was told awhile back to build more leg muscle when pitching? Does this help?

yeah alot

Ok… So are there any simple exercises that can build muscle cause all i have at home is treadmill and stationary bike.

Well, there’s no substitute for weight training, especially squats. As far as the treadmill and bike go, high resistance on like a hill program on the bike is good for building strength. On the treadmill, doing interval runs on an incline will build some strength and will get you in great shape as well. An example of an interval run that I do is, at a 5% incline and at 11 speed I’ll do 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for about 20 minutes maybe more. The speed you go and amount of time you do it is dependent upon your fitness level and ability. As far as body weight exercises you can do to build leg strength, you can do walking lunges, body weight squats, squat jumps, and run up bleachers. Hope this helps!

get a gym membership if you’re serious

Not as much as squats and walking lunges with DB, but yea, it wll help

whats the walking lunges with DB?

Lunges, and you do them as a walk, like continuously with dumbells (ur gona need some room)

But squats are still the best option

if your going to use the leg press use low weight with high reps. trying to max can seriously injure your back on that machine

What about deadlifts. They use a lot of pitching related muscles, so it should help a lot right?

get a membership and do your leg workout twicw a week after your game or practice. if you’re serious. rotation is:

day #

  1. core (shoulders, abs, hips include jobes) speed ladders and drills

  2. upper body and forearms include jobes

  3. lower body + jobes

  4. core day again

  5. upper body day again

  6. lower body day again

  7. day off no lifting

if you throw a long outing, use that day as your day off and pick back up the next day where you left off. listen to your body, it will tell you when you’re doing too much.

need to have a protein shake and protein bar after your workout. we recommend 2 to 3 per day plus a high protein extremely low sugar and controlled starch diet.

drink water instead of pop, and gatorade. we like the flavored propel stuff.

that’s what we do anyway. takes about 1 hr to 1.5 hr per workout. not easy but effective. must get your rest and eat (girlfriends tend to suffer unless they go to the gym too (great chicks if you can find them).

good luck if you’re serious. if you aren’t doing it we are. when we meet you in the other dugout, we will be ready.